Saturday, April 20, 2013

Committing suicide Part2: Comitting suicide isn't something you would want to do unless you were going through things like bullying. Bullying isn't something you would want to happen to you. Committing suicide is for people who hurt so much and can't seem to take bullying anymore. They say it is getting worse and worse until the point when they comitt suicide. People say Comitting suicide is stupid and dumb but they don't understand what people are going through at the time. When people comitt suicide, it is because of bullying and bullying needs to stop. If you are being bullied, please don't comitt suicide because its just another life taken just because those bullies don't have a heart. Comitting suicide isn't a good thing for  someone to do but if it to the point when they can't take it anymore.
My opinion on bullying and Comitting suicide is that people shouldn't do any of those things. When you bully, you are making people feel bad and you are hurting their feelings. When you are comitting suicide,you are hurting yourself and your family because  someone hurt your feelings. You shouldn't feel like people hate you, you should feel like you OWN THE ROOM. You should feel like everyone loves and forget all those bullies that are bullying you. Most of the time when a bully bullies you, it's because they are either jealous or they are haters. If you're getting bullied, tell the teacher or someone older than you. Don't let the bullying continue so that it gets to the point where you comitt suicide.
      By:Alesandria Bradford-Parker