Sunday, April 21, 2013

In my other posts I talked about how people judge by how they look, what they wear, and how they act. In this posts I'm going to talk a little about that. People judge one way by how they dress okay. If they don't have Hollister or some Jordans so they say "oh she's poor." Maybe her parents don't wanna spend their money on things that aren't that important in life. Okay I'm not the perfect person maybe I will do that but not trying to be mean, so I try to hardly do that but I'm human. Or they wear the same thing everyday, maybe they keep growing out of everything and it's hard to keep buying clothes. I think that is like the rudest thing to do, and I strongly dislike it too. One other thing is if you do have to most grown up body nobody wants you. Everybody is built differently some with bigger butts or boobs or bigger curves, they can't help that. Last thing is they judge you by who you hang with. Hang with who you want not by what others think.