Friday, May 31, 2013

Bullying just doesn't happen at school or in your neighborhood it also happens inside your house hold. Which is called abuse. This is by far the worse feeling, to be bullied from you family members. You come to your family for support, help, to feel better but can't because your being hurt by them. A lot of the time people isn't going to say there being bullied or abuse by family because they don't want to see them get in trouble. Think back of Cinderella. She was bullied by her evil step mom and step sisters. She didn't tell anyone she just dealt with it, and didn't get the life she dream or wanted. Then one night she left the house without permission, and did get that life she wanted. All this is saying that you might feel like your doing the wrong thing for telling but you are doing the right thing for yourself. So if something is going on get help from someone immediately.