Friday, May 31, 2013

Bullying just doesn't happen at school or in your neighborhood it also happens inside your house hold. Which is called abuse. This is by far the worse feeling, to be bullied from you family members. You come to your family for support, help, to feel better but can't because your being hurt by them. A lot of the time people isn't going to say there being bullied or abuse by family because they don't want to see them get in trouble. Think back of Cinderella. She was bullied by her evil step mom and step sisters. She didn't tell anyone she just dealt with it, and didn't get the life she dream or wanted. Then one night she left the house without permission, and did get that life she wanted. All this is saying that you might feel like your doing the wrong thing for telling but you are doing the right thing for yourself. So if something is going on get help from someone immediately.

Monday, May 27, 2013

What happens if your best friend is being bullied? What do you do? How do you handle it?
Well, I would like to hear how you would handle Let me hear from a different side then just hearing myself.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Part Six of My Story!
So this girl that didn't like me still wouldn't leave me alone even though she got into trouble. But that's how hood rat girls are. She kept giving me mean looks which I didn't mind at all. Then I heard from my little sister she said she wanted to still fight me to her boyfriend.  But it didn't good worse until her friends started having problems with me. Which they just some followers anyways. One day when my friend and I was walking in the hall way these girls called us "FAKE" out loud so everyone can just laugh at us. The reason why because me and her got into a big argument with each other in the cafeteria in front of the school, but we worked things out. Then later when I was talking to my teacher they said not to me but at loud you, "you talk all that stuff out loud but you don't do nothing about it." Which I was confuse because I mean like I don't even talk about you, so what are you talking about? So when I got into the car and was riding away we stop. These girls had the nerves to come up to the car. They were screaming yelling at us like crazy. I was like "oh my gosh, what they heck." I came back to the school and told the teacher they handled it but that doesn't mean that still hated us. At lunch one of the girls kept trying to get my attention I mean like come on really, she was just trying to pick. It was being ignored though. Two in a half weeks from almost being done with school drama came back up. My friend told me that one of the girl wanted to fight me which I told the adults that so if anything happened the will already know. Then she told me that she didn't even say that. But she now isn't so trustworthy anymore. Now it's getting closer to the end of the school year. The girl who was just mean from the very beginning got beat up yesterday, because she always picking on this one girl. She finally met her match maker. I didn't feel bad she deserved it picking on someone isn't right, especially punching her in the face either. Now were almost done with school. I've told you all the IMPORTANT things that happen to me. I could go on but you get my point that I'm making. Now we have the rest of middle school and high school now I have to see what happens for that.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Part Five of My Story!
It was a new school year, I was so excited to see certain people but I still wasn't over everything that went on. Things were going good, but during class one day when we had a substitute things just turned left. I was in a big argument defending myself. Things didn't get worse until my mom was put into it again, which I didn't appreciate at all. This girl who I wasn't friends with at the time had got all her friends to join in. At the time I was just so close to wanting to hurt one of them. But I had my friends with me to back me up in the suition. I was just pissed off, I started crying. Eventually, after that happened  things calmed down with us. Trouble was still way ahead. Later after the second or third month drama came again. I don't know why because it was with girls I didn't even know. She just didn't like me. This girl was just ugh! She always looked at me with this mean look, but I really didn't care. Until, around November when I was walking she walked past me then came right behind me to bump me. Her boyfriend kept trying to stop her but she wasn't caring. At the time I was like so lost. So a few days later she did it again when I was going to my next class. Oh, I wasn't having it. I bumped her right back. She turned around got all in my face started yelling, then were arguing.  Are teacher had to separate us.  Then her friend was said "it is going to be a fight today." So all day at lunch people kept talking about how this girl and I was going to fight. It was talked about everywhere in the school. So at the end of the day I went out and they was ready for me, and I was ready too. I was just to the point I was tired of being treated bad so I had to prove to them stay away from me and leave me alone. My mom came like right on time. She told the principle, I was so upset when we got home. She was like I did the right thing because I didn't fight, I felt differently. I knew if I didn't beat her up things would've been worse for me. It was true things didn't get any better. TO BE CONTINUED.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Part Four of My Story!
So it was sixth grade year and I had hope but didn't have hope for me. All I cared about was to get homeschooling out the way. I was ready to go back to schooling. I was so happy when my mom found me a good school. For sixth grade year it was going pretty good. I made all new friends and was a lot happier. I was just so happy and excited. I finally felt like I wasn't an outsider, I fit right in with people I actually liked. In the summer I was even more excited, got to spend time with my best friend. Summer was going great until, more drama picked up. To the point my mom was put into it. People I thought I was friends with went behind my back. Even this girl I didn't really know was really talking about me. I was talked about so bad on facebook. I actually cried, it was just a nightmare. This went on for about a month or so. Eventually things were taken down off facebook, but it didn't matter these supposingly "friends" took it to far. Now, I did argue with them and said stuff about them but really it wasn't bad. I didn't take it to far or hit below the belt. I mean it really started because they made me feel left out, with everything. School year was coming up, and everything that happened over summer was definitely not forgotten and was going to be carried to the new school year. TO BE CONTINUED...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Part Three of My Story!
When I went to homeschooling, things were getting better but I noticed my only one true friend was turning on me. Which I didn't appreciate at all. So I did homeschooling for the rest of the school year, I hated it. I wasn't around friends or nothing. But during homeschooling my friend tried to make it seem like it was my fault that the girls hated me and she wouldn't get really rude and disrespectful to me. Until, I found out she was talking about me and stuff to one of my other (thought to be) friends. So we both started arguing all the time, I just couldn't trust her no more. Then I got done with her, didn't want to be bothered with all her drama. The person I am I got revenge. I went to the person she was talking to me about me on facebook on his facebook. I pretended to be him and she was saying all this stuff about me. Like how she could hit me if she saw me again. When I got all I wanted to hear, I told her who I was. She was in shocked. Now, some people might think it was the wrong thing but I just needed to know who my old friend really was. She even tried to be my friend again, and talked to my mom about me, like she losts her mind. I was over her and her treating me bad and talking about me like trash. After I was done with her on to the next year. TO BE CONTINUED...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Part Two of My Story!
So, after I left Rosary I went to Madison Avenue School of Arts. Now, 4th grade was so much better for me until...three girls could change the rest of my grade school years. I remember the day the girls started really disliking me. Our classes were downtown walking after are art museum field trip. I remember I just turned around and they just wanted to fight me, which is very confusing why? So 4th grade ended, and it turned to 5th grade. When we went to Opening night I was hoping the girls wouldn't be in my class, that's when I found out...all three were in my class. I even said to myself, "it's not going to be a good school year, and man how I proved myself RIGHT!'' The first week was the week that hell was going to be raised. I got into arguments and also got slapped in my face by a boy.  The days got worse and worse, people would throw away my things, throw it in my face, right mean stuff about me on the board. I remember when I was in class doing my assignment they kept talking about me, and they threatened me saying," I would take your glasses and break them in half."  They wrote my number on the board, I even got threatened that they would blow my house up, with everyone in it. The girls really started getting out of hand, I remember one of my friends was provoking them to fight me, outside were my little sister was. Of coure, I didn't. We went into the cafateria and they really started getting on my nerves. Saying I'm a punk, and I should be suspended. These girls hated me so much, I had to press charges on them because, it started getting out of hand. I was really losing myself. Even my principle I couldn't trust. All she did was make it seem like it was my fault. I was just so sad and miserable all I ever did was cry and cry. My teachers really wanted to help me but they couldn't handle these inner city schools, it was just to much for the both of us.  The Raven I used to be well be gone for a long time, and I don't know when she is coming back. So after I was being blame for everything I went to homeschooling, which things didn't change to much. TO BE CONTINUED... 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Part One of My Story!
My story and life as a bully victim. It started when I first came back to Ohio. I was new here and was excited to be here but things can change real quick. I started school in Ohio in 4th grade at Rosary Cathedral and since I can say whatever on my blog, that far was about one of the worst schools I been in. That school is an embarrassment to private schools. I mean the first day of school was wasn't so bad but the second day I was in trouble with girls, drama, fights but I didn't even do anything so I didn't understand why I was with them. For the next 2 months of my days I was going through depression and felt this hatred people had to me that I never felt before. I was in arguments all the time with boys and girls, getting in my face treating me like I was nothing but this light skin girl who wasn't that type of girl that likes drama. I can remember till this very dollar like it was yesterday. This girl started with me when we had a sub teacher because she knew the teacher couldn't do much about it. She called me out my name, yelling at me, and of course I said something back because I had to defend myself. She took it outside the hallways, that was probably that last of it that I could take. People that new me saw a dramatic change in my personalty. I got sadder and meaner. Everyday I was there I didn't know what was going to happen to me if school was going to get a little better or turn for the worse. I wanted to skip school all the time, and I went to meetings all the time which NEVER WORKED! I had came to the point when I was really over it, so I ended up leaving that school to go to Imagine Madison.   TO BE CONTINUED....