Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hi, everyone! It's been so long since I've been on here, but just so much to talk. As you know I'm doing much better, however, the worst as yet to come. Not with me, but my little sister. Now, I am antibully all the way, but my little sister has seem to feel how I feel. It hurtens me to find out how bad she is getting bullied now, at the same elementary school I went. Now, schools why is it that when children get bully all we do is talk to parents and have group discussions, but no real action? Why is that? Well let me tell you that seems to be the only thing that happens. Toledo Public Schools, is a school district that doesn't take real affect on bullying situations and probably won't ever! This school district have so much bullying and no one seems to actually do anything about it. My sister comes home everyday crying, because a few girls bullies her so bad. She isn't happy, she's going through depression, my baby sister isn't the same anymore. All because actions aren't happening. Schools, especially Toledo Public Schools, need to take immediate action with bullying. I hate the fact she's getting bullied bad like me it's a horrible feeling inside, and it won't be tolerated at all! I stand up and will speak out about bullying. It's never okay. I'm back.