Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Part One of My Story!
My story and life as a bully victim. It started when I first came back to Ohio. I was new here and was excited to be here but things can change real quick. I started school in Ohio in 4th grade at Rosary Cathedral and since I can say whatever on my blog, that far was about one of the worst schools I been in. That school is an embarrassment to private schools. I mean the first day of school was wasn't so bad but the second day I was in trouble with girls, drama, fights but I didn't even do anything so I didn't understand why I was with them. For the next 2 months of my days I was going through depression and felt this hatred people had to me that I never felt before. I was in arguments all the time with boys and girls, getting in my face treating me like I was nothing but this light skin girl who wasn't that type of girl that likes drama. I can remember till this very dollar like it was yesterday. This girl started with me when we had a sub teacher because she knew the teacher couldn't do much about it. She called me out my name, yelling at me, and of course I said something back because I had to defend myself. She took it outside the hallways, that was probably that last of it that I could take. People that new me saw a dramatic change in my personalty. I got sadder and meaner. Everyday I was there I didn't know what was going to happen to me if school was going to get a little better or turn for the worse. I wanted to skip school all the time, and I went to meetings all the time which NEVER WORKED! I had came to the point when I was really over it, so I ended up leaving that school to go to Imagine Madison.   TO BE CONTINUED....