Sunday, May 5, 2013

Part Two of My Story!
So, after I left Rosary I went to Madison Avenue School of Arts. Now, 4th grade was so much better for me until...three girls could change the rest of my grade school years. I remember the day the girls started really disliking me. Our classes were downtown walking after are art museum field trip. I remember I just turned around and they just wanted to fight me, which is very confusing why? So 4th grade ended, and it turned to 5th grade. When we went to Opening night I was hoping the girls wouldn't be in my class, that's when I found out...all three were in my class. I even said to myself, "it's not going to be a good school year, and man how I proved myself RIGHT!'' The first week was the week that hell was going to be raised. I got into arguments and also got slapped in my face by a boy.  The days got worse and worse, people would throw away my things, throw it in my face, right mean stuff about me on the board. I remember when I was in class doing my assignment they kept talking about me, and they threatened me saying," I would take your glasses and break them in half."  They wrote my number on the board, I even got threatened that they would blow my house up, with everyone in it. The girls really started getting out of hand, I remember one of my friends was provoking them to fight me, outside were my little sister was. Of coure, I didn't. We went into the cafateria and they really started getting on my nerves. Saying I'm a punk, and I should be suspended. These girls hated me so much, I had to press charges on them because, it started getting out of hand. I was really losing myself. Even my principle I couldn't trust. All she did was make it seem like it was my fault. I was just so sad and miserable all I ever did was cry and cry. My teachers really wanted to help me but they couldn't handle these inner city schools, it was just to much for the both of us.  The Raven I used to be well be gone for a long time, and I don't know when she is coming back. So after I was being blame for everything I went to homeschooling, which things didn't change to much. TO BE CONTINUED...