Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Part Three of My Story!
When I went to homeschooling, things were getting better but I noticed my only one true friend was turning on me. Which I didn't appreciate at all. So I did homeschooling for the rest of the school year, I hated it. I wasn't around friends or nothing. But during homeschooling my friend tried to make it seem like it was my fault that the girls hated me and she wouldn't get really rude and disrespectful to me. Until, I found out she was talking about me and stuff to one of my other (thought to be) friends. So we both started arguing all the time, I just couldn't trust her no more. Then I got done with her, didn't want to be bothered with all her drama. The person I am I got revenge. I went to the person she was talking to me about me on facebook on his facebook. I pretended to be him and she was saying all this stuff about me. Like how she could hit me if she saw me again. When I got all I wanted to hear, I told her who I was. She was in shocked. Now, some people might think it was the wrong thing but I just needed to know who my old friend really was. She even tried to be my friend again, and talked to my mom about me, like she losts her mind. I was over her and her treating me bad and talking about me like trash. After I was done with her on to the next year. TO BE CONTINUED...