Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Part Four of My Story!
So it was sixth grade year and I had hope but didn't have hope for me. All I cared about was to get homeschooling out the way. I was ready to go back to schooling. I was so happy when my mom found me a good school. For sixth grade year it was going pretty good. I made all new friends and was a lot happier. I was just so happy and excited. I finally felt like I wasn't an outsider, I fit right in with people I actually liked. In the summer I was even more excited, got to spend time with my best friend. Summer was going great until, more drama picked up. To the point my mom was put into it. People I thought I was friends with went behind my back. Even this girl I didn't really know was really talking about me. I was talked about so bad on facebook. I actually cried, it was just a nightmare. This went on for about a month or so. Eventually things were taken down off facebook, but it didn't matter these supposingly "friends" took it to far. Now, I did argue with them and said stuff about them but really it wasn't bad. I didn't take it to far or hit below the belt. I mean it really started because they made me feel left out, with everything. School year was coming up, and everything that happened over summer was definitely not forgotten and was going to be carried to the new school year. TO BE CONTINUED...