Saturday, May 18, 2013

Part Five of My Story!
It was a new school year, I was so excited to see certain people but I still wasn't over everything that went on. Things were going good, but during class one day when we had a substitute things just turned left. I was in a big argument defending myself. Things didn't get worse until my mom was put into it again, which I didn't appreciate at all. This girl who I wasn't friends with at the time had got all her friends to join in. At the time I was just so close to wanting to hurt one of them. But I had my friends with me to back me up in the suition. I was just pissed off, I started crying. Eventually, after that happened  things calmed down with us. Trouble was still way ahead. Later after the second or third month drama came again. I don't know why because it was with girls I didn't even know. She just didn't like me. This girl was just ugh! She always looked at me with this mean look, but I really didn't care. Until, around November when I was walking she walked past me then came right behind me to bump me. Her boyfriend kept trying to stop her but she wasn't caring. At the time I was like so lost. So a few days later she did it again when I was going to my next class. Oh, I wasn't having it. I bumped her right back. She turned around got all in my face started yelling, then were arguing.  Are teacher had to separate us.  Then her friend was said "it is going to be a fight today." So all day at lunch people kept talking about how this girl and I was going to fight. It was talked about everywhere in the school. So at the end of the day I went out and they was ready for me, and I was ready too. I was just to the point I was tired of being treated bad so I had to prove to them stay away from me and leave me alone. My mom came like right on time. She told the principle, I was so upset when we got home. She was like I did the right thing because I didn't fight, I felt differently. I knew if I didn't beat her up things would've been worse for me. It was true things didn't get any better. TO BE CONTINUED.