Saturday, May 25, 2013

Part Six of My Story!
So this girl that didn't like me still wouldn't leave me alone even though she got into trouble. But that's how hood rat girls are. She kept giving me mean looks which I didn't mind at all. Then I heard from my little sister she said she wanted to still fight me to her boyfriend.  But it didn't good worse until her friends started having problems with me. Which they just some followers anyways. One day when my friend and I was walking in the hall way these girls called us "FAKE" out loud so everyone can just laugh at us. The reason why because me and her got into a big argument with each other in the cafeteria in front of the school, but we worked things out. Then later when I was talking to my teacher they said not to me but at loud you, "you talk all that stuff out loud but you don't do nothing about it." Which I was confuse because I mean like I don't even talk about you, so what are you talking about? So when I got into the car and was riding away we stop. These girls had the nerves to come up to the car. They were screaming yelling at us like crazy. I was like "oh my gosh, what they heck." I came back to the school and told the teacher they handled it but that doesn't mean that still hated us. At lunch one of the girls kept trying to get my attention I mean like come on really, she was just trying to pick. It was being ignored though. Two in a half weeks from almost being done with school drama came back up. My friend told me that one of the girl wanted to fight me which I told the adults that so if anything happened the will already know. Then she told me that she didn't even say that. But she now isn't so trustworthy anymore. Now it's getting closer to the end of the school year. The girl who was just mean from the very beginning got beat up yesterday, because she always picking on this one girl. She finally met her match maker. I didn't feel bad she deserved it picking on someone isn't right, especially punching her in the face either. Now were almost done with school. I've told you all the IMPORTANT things that happen to me. I could go on but you get my point that I'm making. Now we have the rest of middle school and high school now I have to see what happens for that.